Faith Like A Child


One Sunday morning when I walked into church I went into my wife’s office and sitting on her desk was a card with my name on it. I opened the card and a little book mark came out with a note that said, “God is Love.” Knowing that this came from a child I asked my son if he made the book mark for me, and he didn’t. Throughout Sunday morning I kept thinking about that little book mark and that simple little statement that said “God is Love.” As I was leaving church I was thinking about child like faith. If I had to ask myself the question, “Is your faith like a child?” I would have to say no, mine is like an adult. I believe and have faith, but when the storms come, and there is testing, I struggle and don’t have the faith like I should. I doubt God and his faithful promises, and when that starts to happen I open a door for the enemy to come in and places his lies about me and God into my thinking. Jesus said, ” Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 18: 3) Jesus makes this statement to His disciples when they question Him about who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. A child is totally dependent on his or her parents for everything: food, water, cloths, shelter, protection, love, guidance. When my son asks me questions about things and I give him the answer he believes me, he may ask more questions, but at the end of the conversation he believes what I have told him is true. Why? I am his father, he has no reason to doubt me in his mind. We are called to have that same childlike faith. We are to have a total dependence on God for our every need. God’s Word is true, and His promises are true, and we need to accepted them as truth. Why? He is our Father, and we shouldn’t have any reason to doubt Him. We doubt because we are listening and believing in the lies the enemy is speaking to us. We have to turn and become like little children. Having childlike faith is simple, just believe what God’s Word says and act on His Word. “God is Love.”


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