A Band of Brothers

One of the strongest bonds I have seen among men, are those bonds between men that are in the military. The bonds between soldiers are very strong and the only thing that breaks those bonds, is death. Soldiers will not leave any one behind, and they will risk their own lives for the protection of their brothers. Soldiers rely on one another to complete a mission and to survive the harshness of war. They are a band of brothers.
The most important hour of my week is Friday mornings at 6:30. It is this time that I sit down and meet with my band of brothers. These men know who I am, they know my struggles, my hurts, and they encourage me and pray for me, and I am able to do the same for them. Out of this group of men, I have two that no matter what time of day it is, or night, I am able to call them and talk with them about anything. These two men make sure I am staying in God’s Word, am being faithful to my wife with my purity, and make sure I am being the man who I need to be. Who is your band of brothers? Who do you have in your life that is holding you accountable for making sure you are where you need to be? Men have to have other men to get through this world. Proverbs 24: 17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” This is especially true when it comes to our sexual purity. The number one reason men struggle with sexual sins is because of the secret-ness of the sin. They keep the sin in the dark and in the dark is where the power is. The deeper one gets involved in sexual sins the more precautions they have to take to keep it a secret. When the secret comes out, and notice I said when, because one will be found out, the damage and destruction is so great and families are destroyed. Once I realized that other men had the same struggles as I did, and I was able to start sharing my struggles with men, the power of the sin started to weaken. I would still have a full blow addiction to porn if it wasn’t for men God placed in my life, and God brought the right men at the right time. I was able to be honest with them, and they did not look down on me, they too knew of the struggle. Men we have to have other men keeping us accountable in the area of our sexual purity. If we don’t we are able to keep secrets, and those secrets will be our down fall.
I look forward every Friday morning meeting with my band of brothers. God has placed each one of them in my life for a purpose and a reason, and God has placed me in their lives as well. I love each and every one of them. Who is your band of brothers?


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