Your Sickness is a result of your Secrets – Part 2

One of the things we teach in Refuge is how to put an Accountability Team together.

What the team looks like:
• Pray and ask God to give you at least 5 guys to be a part of your team. You want guys that are the same age as you and guys that are older. (With Refuge we ask guys to have 5 guys to be a part of their Accountability Team. When I started my healing processing I had five guys on my team. Now I am down to three, and maybe adding another guy here in the next few weeks. Just start with one guy, most guys in the church don’t have anyone. They are standing on the island by themselves and are getting killed.)
• Your team members need to be men you can trust, are safe, and you can share things with. (It helps if they know and understand the struggle)
• When you think of someone you may want to be a part of your team, ask to speak with them and share your struggle with them.
• Tell them you are putting together a group of men to help hold you accountable and to help you overcome this struggle.
• Ask them if they would be willing to be a part of your team and tell them what you want them to help you with. (Different members of your team may have different rolls. It’s your team set it up how you need to.)
• Your team is a lifelong team, and team members will come and go.
• Stay in touch with your team, and they with you.

What the team does:

• Any member of your team can at any time ask you how you are doing in the area of your sexually purity. (You have to tell them to do this)
• If you mess up, you have to confess that sin to your team.
• You want to contact your team before you fall into sin. If you are starting to be tempted or you start to see red flags go up, contact your team members to have them pray for you and to have that accountability. (Leave them a message if you cannot get in touch with them)
• Anything you may need your team to do for you, this differs from person to person.

Remember accountability should lead you back to God’s grace. It is not intended to make you feel worse than what you already feel. In my accountability relationships there is a love between me and my brothers, we are not there to beat each other up, we are there to encourage, pray and help each other get through this life. Now at times my brothers have to be tough with me, but it’s all done in grace. Accountability should be graceful.


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