Just Ask

As I have been talking about men’s groups and having accountability, I wanted to share two quick stories this week. I think men want to be a part of men’s group, but they normally won’t go to one else someone asks them to. This week I reached out to a friend of mine who I know was not in a small group. I called him up and asked, “Are you in a small group?” His response was, “No but I know I need to be.” After talking about two groups he may be able to join, he gave me a verbal commitment to start coming to a small group that I am in on Friday mornings. All I did was ask. This week I also started another small group. I had come across some material that another guy and I were going to work through on Wednesdays, and I sent it out to my normal small group that I meet with to see if anyone wanted to do the study outside of our normal Friday morning time. One of the guys who can no longer make it on Friday mornings said he would be interested in doing it. Just an hour ago I had a another guy asking about maybe doing some accountability stuff together. There was another guy from my Friday morning group that has had to stop coming on Friday mornings do to family commitments, so I asked him if he would want to join us. If about 15 minutes, with a few text messages, and a phone call a new men’s group was form. Once again, all I did was ask. Who do you need to be asking about joining a small group? All you have to do is ask!


Love to hear your thoughts....

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