I will teach Your children….

This morning I watched my little man graduate from pre-school, and as I was driving back to work I was once again surrendering my son to God. The world he is growing up in is the same broken world that I grew up in, but it seems like things are just more deadly these days. Early this morning as I sat with my band of brothers and one of my brothers shared how his high school daughter was being bullied at school and having a hard time with friends. Another dad a few weeks ago shared how his high school daughter has been dealing with seeing same sex couples interact at school. With leading Refuge I’ve been doing a lot of research on pornography and it’s sad to see parents crying out for help because their 9, 10, 11, 12 year old is battling a porn addiction. I fully understand what their child is going through because I was 11 when I started down that deadly path. Children are getting exposed younger and younger to evil things, and a lot of times it is through another child or teenager that exposes things to our children, whom we are trying to protect. Every day I have to surrender my little man over to God. I have to hold onto God’s promises, God tells us in Isaiah 54:13, “I will teach Your children My ways and give them great peace.” I know the best thing for my son is a deep intimate relationship with God, and God has to be the one to grab his heart and transform him. It is great comfort to know that God will teach my son His ways and will give him great peace. Have you surrender your child over to Him?


Love to hear your thoughts....

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