Is there a wound? – Part 2

When I am working with men who struggle with pornography one of the first things I tell them is the pornography is just a symptom of something that is going on much deeper. What’s the root issue? Sometimes those roots are feeding out of a childhood wound or hurt. So how do you find a wound and what do you do with it once you find it? For adults, depending on their age as a child, they may remember when they were hurt, but don’t know how to fix it, and at other times they don’t have a clue when the wound came. This was the same for me, I could pinpoint some of my hurts and wounds, but a lot of them I have had to let God show me what they were. How does God do that? It’s like living on the top floor of a major apartment, we step inside the elevator with God and He takes us down to a certain floor. That floor represents a time in our life where a wound happened. He opens the doors and show’s what happened, what we came to believe about ourselves and what we believed about Him. You see when we are wounded or hurt the enemy will whisper that small little lie into our ears about God, and who we are. That lie over time becomes truth in our thinking. To find the wound is simply asking God to show us where we have been hurt at, and what we came to believe about Him and ourselves, the lies. God will speak to us through His Word, (1 Timothy 3: 16), His still small voice, (1 Kings 19: 10-15), Other people (Acts 2: 37), Pictures or images (Acts 10: 9-22) and Our thoughts ( 1 Corinthians 2: 6-16 focus on vs. 13). A dear sister in Christ told me one day, “Christ did not die on the cross to manage our pain, but for us to be healed.” I believe we can be healed on this side of Heaven. Will we still have troubles and will we still sin, yes, but we can be healed. Until we have our wounds healed they are just going to keep causing us pain and hurt, which leads to bitterness and other issues. Ask God to show you where you have been hurt at, then just listen, He will show you. Then ask Him what He has to say about the situation, you will be amazed.


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