Time Away in The Woods

This past weekend I spent  some time in the woods getting ready for a 3D archery shoot I am helping lead this upcoming weekend.  I was clearing shooting lanes in the woods so we can set targets up.  It was good hard work, and the time I spent out there was so refreshing.  I spent time with one of my dear friends as we cleared lanes and was just able to share and do life on life.  The few hours I spent covered in God’s creation refueled my tanks.  For a lot of men the outdoors is a way to refuel the tanks.  It may be hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, no matter what it is they just have to be out in the outdoors.  I have a good friend who will go sit in a tree stand for hours just to get way and to spend some time with God.  Just those few hours in the woods is a chance for him to clear his mind, think, pray, and read the Scriptures.  Being in the woods is just so refreshing, and I am already looking forward to Friday where I get to be out there all day.  Men when is the last time you got away and spent some time in the woods and just looked and listen to all that God has created?



If you wanted to check out a really net outdoor ministry check out Ironman Outdoors.  I’ve been with this ministry for a few years now.  The website is Ironmanoutdoors.org



Love to hear your thoughts....

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