God Tends To Have Different Plans

This past weekend I help run a 3D archery shoot for Ironman Outdoors as a fundraiser for our chapter. We were starting to question if we should even have the shoot due to low numbers and not a lot of people signing up. However we felt God was calling us to do the shoot and we wanted to be faithful on our part, and God would be faithful on bring people to the shoot. Friday night one of our leaders received a call from a mom who wanted to bring her 13-year-old son to the shoot and wanted more information. Her son was very intersted in archery. Saturday morning we had seven people show up for the shoot along with the mom and dad and their son Tyler. God made it very clear very early that we put everything together and did this shoot for this one family and their son Tyler. Tyler showed up and you can tell by the way he was dressed he was into the skater culture. One of our leaders who is an archery instructor took Tyler outside to start working with him and immediately a big smile came across Tyler’s face. I watched Tom work with Tyler and his parents standing and looking on I thought, “There is a mom and dad hanging out with their 13-year-old son watching him shoot archery.” God made it clear to us that today was about them. When we came into eat Tyler would not set his bow down to eat, all he wanted to do was shoot. When we were passing out the awards for the top shooters we saved Tyler’s award for last. We gave Tyler the Sportsman ship award. There was another shooter at the shoot that had a youth bow, and wanted to give it to Tyler, so Tyler received a bow, a gift card to one of the local archery shops in Columbia, and we made him an official Ironman, of Ironman Outdoors. It was neat to sit back and to watch Tyler parents see us do all of this for their son. As I was sharing this with my wife she said, “Steven, archery may save his life one day.” God had Tyler at our shoot for a purpose and a reason, and we may never see the fruit of it. We had the mind-set of trying to have 20 to 30 shoots and make some money for our chapter funds, but God had something else planned. God wanted us to minister to Tyler’s family, and love on them. If God asks you to do something, and it maybe something as simple as paying for someone’s lunch in the drive through. Just do it, because we don’t know what He is doing or how He is working in people’s lives. I am so thankful we did not cancel the shoot, God had a different plan for us that day.


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