The Power Of Little Things

Yesterday I listen to a local pastor’s Sunday morning sermon and he made a comment about the, “Power of the little things.” This pastor went on to share how God showed him what his greatest sermon was he had ever preached. His greatest sermon was not one to a church, but one to his son. He was helping his son learn John 3:16-17 and he said this was his greatest sermon he had ever preached. As a father I could relate to what this pastor was saying. I look forward to every night when I get to sit down with my son and read his little children’s Bible with him. As parents we have to be looking for the teachable moments in the little things, because these little teachable moments will stay with our children. It’s not the big things that are effecting our children, it’s the one on one, life on life, little things that are changing our children’s hearts and lives. Are children are watching everything we say and do; even the things we don’t say to them is impacting them both positive and negative. As parents we have to be training our children daily, because if we are not, others are. The little talks, hugs, kisses, daddies taking their daughters out on dates, mommies taking their son’s out on dates, snuggle time, it’s all powerfully effecting our children. Do the little things and do them well.


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