Your Manhood

I am currently reading a book by Michael John Cusick called, Surfing For God – Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle. God has been bring me back to one set of thoughts from the author. The author is breaking down the broken promises porn offers to men. Broken promise number one – Porn promises validation of our manhood without requiring strength. So he ask the question of men, “Where in your life do you typically feel the strongest and manliest?” Men answer in different ways. Work, helping others, playing sports, doing stuff outdoors. Michael makes the comment, “I’ve never heard a man initially respond by saying that he felt the manliest and strongest in relation to his wife, fiancée, or girlfriend.” This blew me over. We should feel strong and manliest with our wives, this is what God has intended. For some reason men don’t feel strong or adequate in the presence of a real live woman according to Michael. “One reason porn is so addictive is, it makes a man feel like a man without ever requiring a thing of him.” John Eldredge. Porn will take a man anywhere he wants to go, give him anything he wants to have. It will never reject him, never turn him away, it will never remind him of his flaws, or failures, it will always accept him. Porn empowers men. Thomas Aquinas’s makes the statement, “Every sinful behavior is rooted in a legitimate God-given appetite.” If this is true, men who act out sexually are really crying out to God. There are four basic needs every human needs to have met in their lives. Love, Acceptance, Worth/Approval and Security. Jesus is the only one who can fully meet these needs in our lives. But why are so many men turning to porn to have porn meet these needs. They are believing two lies. One, God is not good, and cannot meet their needs. Same lie satan filled Eve with in the garden. The second lie is, they believe the porn can meet their needs, which it will never be able to do. C.S Lewis made the statement, “Every time a man masturbates, he chips away at his manhood.” I would like to take that statement a little bit further. Every time a man looks at porn, It doesn’t chip away his manhood, it destroys his manhood.


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