How Bad Do You Want It?

This past week I sat down with a man I had only meet a few seconds earlier and he just starts pouring out his life and the struggles he has faced for the last 40 years of his life. Alcohol and porn where consuming him. I handed him some information about Refuge and began to share with him what Refuge was all about, he stopped me in mid sentience and said, “I’ve heard enough, what do I need to do to start this with you, porn is killing me.” I fully understood this man’s cry for help, and as I watched this man wipe away his tears, he just took the biggest step in his healing. He opened up the door and let someone come in. I was a completed stranger, and he’s just confessed his biggest struggles to me. He is a man who wants healing, and he wants it bad. Guys who have received healing and are walking in victory are guys I’ve seen who are willing to do what ever it takes. I’ve seen the other side of the coin as well. Guys say they want help, but some where in their hearts they love the porn more, and are not willing to do what it takes. There still playing games and believing the lies.


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  1. thanks for the info, very useful and it helps us a lot.


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