I Have Hope

“I have hope!” Those were the last words a guy said to me this morning as he was walking away from our meeting. Jesus gives us hope. Jesus takes our broken sinful lives and brings healing to our broken hearts. He redeems us and transforms us. He heals us, and sets us free from the things holding us captive. With all the evil in the world, and as broken people we can have hope in Jesus. Jesus is the only person that has never lied to His children, He has never had to apologize for something He has said or done. He does what He says He is going to do. He never leaves us, never turns His back on us no matter what we do. His love is not based on conditions. He loves us with a steadfast love, a perfect love. Jesus is the only person we can have hope in. I have hope, do you?


Love to hear your thoughts....

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