Their Stories

The other day I came across a ministry called, I am A Treasure. This ministry is an outreach and a support group for women who are in the sex industry. I think most guys who look at porn, see the girls in the industry as wild, fun, sex objects. So many of these girls have been physical, emotional, and sexual abused. Then on top of the abuse outside of the porn industry they are abused while they make the movies. Below are some stats I took from the I am a Treasure website.


A content analysis of the 50 best-selling adult videos revealed that across all scenes:
■3,376 verbal and/or physically aggressive acts were observed.
■On average, scenes had 11.52 acts of either verbal of physical aggression, ranging from none to 128.
■48 percent of the 304 scenes analyzed contained verbal aggression, while more than 88 percent showed physical aggression.
■72 percent of aggressive acts were perpetrated by men.
■94 percent of aggressive acts were committed against women.

I don’t know what the percentage is, but I am sure most of those girls are not having fun. Once all the lights, and cameras go off, and the music stops playing, you have real women who are hurting and in need of Jesus. Their stories are very sad, however the ones that have found Jesus, their lives have been transformed. Check out the website and read their stories.


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