Wisdom from a Sister

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with a lady from our church who has been praying for me for years. She is one of our prayer warriors, and God has been leading her to share part of her story with me. She has been after me for well over a year to just sit down with me and share some things God has laid on her heart. It would be a sin for me to share her story, but God clearly had things He need to say to me from my sister in Christ. I think if I heard her story a year or more ago it wouldn’t have done much for me, because of the state my heart was in. Two things that really grabbed me was reminders. The first was how much satan hates me and hates believers. As believers we are a foul smell in his nostrils. satan hates us with a driving passion and wants to see all of God’s children destroyed. satan cannot kill God’s children directly but he can attack them in ways and over time a believer will just self-destruct and end up taking their own life. satan wants to see believers marriages destroyed, families torn apart, children in pain, and he will use anything to do that. For men, its sex, pride, power, money, and the list can go on and on. At the same is for women, they have their own struggles. satan wants to destroy believers and God makes it very clear to us that we will endure many hardships before we enter the kingdom. (Acts 14:22) During those hardships we have to keep going back to the cross, second reminder. We cannot lose focus of the cross, and I will be the first to rise my hand, oh how often I lose focus of the cross. I will never go through anything in life close to what Christ went through on the cross. The amount of pain and torture He suffered, I will never know, however Jesus went willing through the pain and torture for me, for you. Everything in the Bible points to one thing, the cross. Without the cross we don’t have life, we don’t have freedom, we don’t have victory. Whatever you are struggling with today, just stop and be still, and look towards the cross, look towards Jesus. He is standing there with arms wide open, and will take you just as you are.


Love to hear your thoughts....

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