Step 1 – Who Are You Going To Call?

As we start to look at the steps in the healing process for sexual struggles; the first step is the biggest and hardest one we will have to take in our journey to healing. Step 1 – You have to tell someone of your struggle. The reason this is so hard is because you are letting someone come into your life and see your brokenness and sin. This is the one step most people cannot do, and will not do. Even though this is the hardest step, it is one of the most freeing steps. If you don’t ever take this step you will never be able to receive the healing that God wants to give you. I once heard a man say, “Our sickness is a result of our secrets.” The struggles we keep inside of us will eat us from the inside out, they are toxic. The first part of James 5:16 says, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” Part of our healing is tired directly into our confessing of our sins to others. I understand there is a fear, and there are so many questions that race through someone’s mind when they are thinking about letting someone come into their brokenness. I can honestly say this was one of the most freeing steps I took in my journey to healing, and it is the hardest one. I came to a place in my life that I didn’t care who I told, I wanted help and I did not want to be a slave any longer to a struggle that Christ had set me free from. You have to ask yourself the question, do I want to be healed and have victory, or do I want to continue to struggle and continue to live a life a secrets. When you bring someone into your struggle you are letting the Light come into the darkness. With sexually struggles there is a lot of lying and covering up the struggle so that others won’t find you out. This is especially true if you are married. Sin will always find its way out. You can only continue to lie for so long and cover your steps, but you will make a mistake and the cat will be out of the bag. Studies show that 4 out of 5 people get help with their sexually struggles only after they have been caught and their loved ones demand they get help. So who are you going to call? Think about that one person that you can trust, think about that one person you know will get down in the mud with you, get in the fox hole with you, and will battle like hell with you. Once you got that person, call them, sit down and let them come into your world. Men, try to find that older guy, women same for you, find that older women. If you don’t have that person, ask God to give you that person. He will show you the person you are to call. More than likely they will understand, and may have already walked down that road you are on. How bad to you want to be living in freedom? Living in bondage and slavery is no fun, its death, and trust me you cannot do it by yourself. I tried for years to do it by myself and failed for years. It wasn’t until I started to let people into my brokenness that I started to have victory and healing. God uses other people to help us, and there are people who will understand your struggle and will not judge or look down on you. There are people that you can trust. So once again, who are you going to call? Step 2 coming shortly.


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