Trust God or Trust Yourself

Andrew Murray writes in his book, The Master’s Indwelling, “What is the reason that so many Christians are wasting their lives in the terrible bondage of the world instead of living in the manifestations and the privilege and the glory of the child of God? ….What can be the reason that when we see a thing is wrong and strive against it we cannot conquer it? What can be the reason that we have a hundred times prayed and vowed, yet here we are still living a mingled, divided, half-hearted life? …it is self that is the root of the whole trouble. What is the reason I fail? I desire so earnestly, and pray so fervently, to live in God’s will. And my answer generally is, simply because you trust yourself…If you trusted God and Jesus, you could not fall….Do let us believe that the cause of every failure in the Christian life is nothing but this. I trust this cursed self, instead of trusting Jesus. I trust my own strength, instead of the almighty strength of God. And that is why Christ says, ‘This self must be denied’. “
So very often we do not trust God, or trust His word. We rely on our on strength to be able to live in this battle field called life, and the enemy beats the tar out of us. This morning God took me to Mark 4: 35 -41 where Jesus calms the storm on Sea of Galilee. God had one question for me this morning, and it was the same question Jesus asked His disciples, “Why are you so afraid, Have you still no faith?” (Mark 4: 40) As I wrestle with this question in my own life, I throw it out to you as well, what are you afraid of that you continue to trust yourself and not God?


Love to hear your thoughts....

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