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Our Secrets Will Lead To Our Death

I came across a blog this morning on why accountability in the church is so unpopular and two of the big reason that stood out to me was: one, Christians like their privacy and two, Christians have experienced unhelpful accountability. Looking back at my life one of the major keys that helped me come out of my addiction was accountability. In order for someone to get help with their struggle they have to take the first step of telling someone they are struggling. This is the hardest step for someone to take, but it is the first step to freedom and having victory over our sins. For a lot of people they stop there, and don’t get everything out into the open. I once heard someone say, “Our sickness is a result of our secrets.” I cannot tell you how freeing it is to have all of your sins out on the table and confess them with another believer. James 5: 16 says, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” Confessing our sins is tired directly into our healing, and God uses others to help us in our sanctification (the gracious and continuous operation of the Holy Spirit by which God purifies the sinner from the pollution of sin, renews his whole nature in the image of God, and enables him to perform good works) to become more like Christ. The deep secrets of our heart will continue to kill us unless we get our secrets out into the light and confess them with another believer. Accountability done right is very freeing; accountability done wrong is very hurtful. I’ve been on both sides of the fence with accountability done right and wrong. How bad do you really want to deal with your sin? If you’re ok with your sin, just keep confessing it to God, He will forgive you, but if you want to deal with your sin, and walk in victory, confess it to someone else. When you have a life were you have no secrets, you can live in freedom, and you strike a major blow to the enemy. Accountability done right is when you confess your sins to someone, they point you right back to the Gospel, to God’s grace, they don’t condemned you or shame you. They shouldn’t make you feel guilty, but love you and pray for you. I have a couple of guys in my life, who know my story, and I know their story, and I don’t even want to think where I would be if they were not in my life. I cannot wear a mask with them; I cannot fake it with them, because they know me to well. They can just look at me and know something’s off with me. This comes with years of getting to know them on a deeper level, and they knowing me, and us asking each other the hard questions. What secrets are you holding onto so tightly, because you are scared of letting someone in? Open up your heart to someone and walk into the healing of confession and accountability. Don’t let your secrets kill you.


What Are You Focused On?

A few days ago I was spending some time with the Lord, and God made it very clear to me that I have been focusing on the wrong things. For so many years I have been focused on my past and the sins I have committed. I just hold to my past even though God has forgiven me of my many, many sins. When I hold onto my past, it keeps me focused on my sin and not on Christ and His grace. This is exactly what the enemy wants me to do. Focusing on past sins, hurts, pain, is paralyzing and it keeps me in a place where I cannot grow. I need to keep my focus on Christ, and not my past. I cannot change it, God has completed forgiven me of it, and I just need to let it go once and for all. Paul said in Philippians 3: 13 “…But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead…” God’s grace just rocks the core of who I am. I remember in detail all the sick sins I have done in my life, and what amazes me is God forgives our sins, but then forgets them. He forgets them; let me say that again, He forgets them. One of my struggles is I beat myself up over my sin that has been forgiven and that in itself is sinful. God wants us to focus purely on Him and the Gospel. One of the ways we keep our focus is meeting with God daily and staying in His word. What does the enemy have you focused on that is taking your eyes off of Christ and the love He wants to pour out onto you?

Empty Closet and a Tattered Bible

There was a young man who wanted to take about 20 hours of his work week to do ministry with it. The young man sat down with an old man and told him what he would like to do. The older man thought about it and asked the younger man if he was willing to take 20 hours a week and devote it to studying God’s Word and prayer. After a short time the young man said he didn’t think he could devote that much time to study and prayer. The older man then advised the younger not to do ministry. For so many people the only time they pull out their Bible is when they go to church. Listening to a sermon on Sunday morning just doesn’t cut it. We have to be in God’s Word daily and we need to be on our knees daily. Dr. Rick Rigsby says, “Men, you need an empty closet and a tattered Bible.” Men, we have to be in God’s Word and on our knees crying out for God’s help, for His leading, and for His grace. And we wonder why the Churches in America are dying, and why our nation is the way that it is. And we wonder why men in the Church are struggle so much with porn, and we wonder why there are so many couples going through divorce. We wonder why are children and teenagers struggle so much with sin, and running away from God. We wonder why pastors and those serving in missions are burned out and tired and fall to sin. Believers we don’t pray for our churches and for our leaders like we should. It’s amazing how some believers can spent countless hours on Facebook and the internet but cannot spend more than two hours in God’s Word and in prayer. Jesus, the Son of God, had to spend time with His Father. How much more do we need to be spending time with Him? I am not perfect. Every time I start to cut time out from my personal study time and prayer God convicts me of wasting time and for not coming and meeting with Him. Get into the closet, get into the Word, and pray that God will move not only in your life, but in the life of your church, family and friends.

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