Steps To Healing

The other day I came across a book review on a new book that was coming out on men who struggle with sexual issues, and the person making the review made an interesting statement. To sum it up, people are looking for practical steps to help them in their struggle with sexual issues. This book in review didn’t give a practical step until chapter 12. People who are struggling with sexual issues want answers and they want steps. It comes down to the fact that people are hurting and they want to stop hurting. I was the same way. I look for some many years for a formula to overcome my struggles. I looked in books, I look to other people, I looked everywhere, and I could not find the formula to get out from the struggle. The formula is a person, and that person is Jesus. Jesus is the only person that is going to help us to get out from our struggle with sexual issues. Now, are there steps involved? Yes. Now, will these steps save us? No, only Jesus can do that. These steps are to bring about healing, and healing leads to victory over our struggles. Do these steps lead us away from pain? No, they drive us right into the core of the pain. The one thing God tends to use more than anything else to help us heal is our pain. Look at the cross. The way that God set us free from sin and death was by the death of His Son Jesus. Jesus endured the pain of the cross so we can be healed and set free from the power of sin and death. Pain and healing go hand in hand. Over the next few weeks I will share some practical steps that we use in Refuge to started the healing processing. The healing process is a process, and it is a process that takes time. This is not something that happens overnight. If God did it overnight, then we would check out on God and wouldn’t need Him anymore. One thing to remember is, Christ did not die on the cross for us to manage our pain, but for us to be healed, and I believe we can be healed on this side of Heaven. I hope the upcoming steps will be useful for you.


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