Steps to Healing – Part 4

As we’ve been looking at these different steps in the healing process now we have to start looking at the heart of the matter for our healing. What is the main key to our healing and freedom? Our heart. Our heart is the key; it is where the battle takes place. If you’re a believer you have to come to an understanding of who you are in Christ, and you have to understand in your heart who you are. If you’re not a believer, my prayer is you will start to see God’s grace in the identity that He gives to His children. Not only that, but you will start to taste and smell the sweetness of His grace. Now satan can make you think that looking at porn and having sex is a lot better than God and his grace, but if your completed honest with yourself, there is still something missing that porn and sex cannot fill. Over the next several blogs we are going to be looking at our identity in Christ and who we are to God. Understanding our identity is understanding the Gospel.


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