The sins of a church + Confession of sin = Answered prayer for that church and growth

A few months ago I was driving home from a business meeting and I was settling in for the long drive when I came across a radio station with an older preacher finishing up a sermon to his church. Very quickly I was able to pick up the mean of his message. He was speaking to his church that God cannot answer the prayers of believers if there is sin in the believer’s heart that needs to be confessed, and repented of. (See Psalm 66:18) As the preacher was closing his message he asked the members of his church what sins in their lives did the need to confess to God and ask for His forgiveness in order for God to answer their prayers. Then he paused and a long silence fell over the congregation, and he said, “What sins have we committed as a church that we need to confess and repent of and seek the Lord’s forgiveness in order for Him to answer our prayers?” I’ve been wrestling with that statement for the last few months. For those churches that are dying, struggling, being torn apart from the inside out, not moving in any type of direction, losing members, not having God answer their prayers, be the church that is full of sin? Could it be that God is going to let that church continue to struggle, continue to be torn apart from the inside out, continue to lose members, continue to die, continue to have prayers go unanswered until that church confess
their sins, and repents of their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness?


Love to hear your thoughts....

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