The Soul Behind the Nakedness

One of the first things we teach guys when they begin going through Refuge is, whatever their sexual struggle is, it’s just a symptom of something deeper going on in their hearts. Most often it is a hurt or wound that has happened in our lives were we believed a lie about who we are and who God is. Until God brings healing to that part of their heart the person will just continue to struggle with their sexual sins. For the person that is not walking with the Lord and has not yet given their lives over to Him, only God can show them that looking at porn and dealing in that arena is wrong. I dare not cast a stone of judgment on you because I too have lived in that world for too many years, and it is by God’s grace and by Him alone that I know personally that porn and the adult arena is wrong and not pleasing to Him. Only God can turn your heart, however, for the believer, Christ has made it possible for you to walk in freedom. Now, that doesn’t happen overnight. I had a 20 plus year addiction porn and other sexually sins and with sexually sins it is a progressive sin. Unfortunately, I have been exposed to the ends and outs of the adult sexually world. When I first meet with guys who want to go through Refuge I tell them my story, because normally what they are struggling with and hurting with, I’ve already seen it and done it as well. This helps breaks the ice for them and makes it easier for them to talk with me.

For you believer, I want to flip the view around and talk about the naked girls and guys you are looking at by the still image, movie, live web cam, or the voice on the phone. Behind the nakedness is a soul, and that soul will spend eternity somewhere, either in Heaven or in Hell. If God does not save that naked girl or guy, they will spend eternity apart from Him in Hell, and God is very clear on that. Even though that girl or guy might look like they are having the time of their life having sex or do sex acts for guys to get off, we don’t know what type of pain they are feeling once the cameras are turned off and their clothes are back on. Remember, acting out is normally a symptom of something going on much deeper in their lives. Same thing applies here, what pain is going on in the hearts of the guys and girls that are behind the cameras or in the clubs that sex is helping to numb their pain, and take them out of reality. They are people too, and they need Jesus just as much as I do. Some do understand grace and God’s forgiveness. Check out their stories at they will show you the soul behind the nakedness and Christ’s amazing grace!


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