Little Talks = Big Conversations


Parents, how often are you focusing in on the little talks you have with your children? It’s our little talks we have with our children that lead to big conversations.  These little talks often occur at different times of the day with each being at a different places in our day to day schedules.  I am always looking for an opportunity to get in a short little talk in with my son about different life subjects: marriage, purity, God, loving others, leadership, and the list goes on and on.  As parents we have to be looking for opportunities to be speaking to our children about this topics because if we are not talking to them others are.  I want to make sure my voice is the one my son hears often and the loudest.  These little talks will lead to big conversations because more than likely our children will ask a follow up question about something we talked about and that is going to open the door for a good long conversation.  I have been able to have little talks with my son about marriage.  One night when I went to put him to bed he asked me a question about marriage.  This opened the door for us to have a big conversation.  I was able to have a deep conversation about how God formed marriage, purity in marriage, and he just kept asking questions which kept the conversation going. It was a good talk.  The reason it was such a good talk was we had been talking about this and he felt comfortable.  By having these little talks with our children, and starting the younger they are the better, it gets them used to talking about certain subjects.  When they are ready to have a longer conversation it just natural to talk with you because you have already talked about whatever it is they want to talk about.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities to have little talks with your children so when they are ready you will be able to have a good long conversation and once you start having these type of conversations they won’t end.


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