The Wound – Part 2


If our struggles is just a symptom of a much deeper issue going on in our hearts, a wound, where did it come from and how do I deal with it?  We will not start to receive true healing unless we bring healing to our wounds.  The first few steps in this process is we need to let someone in to help walk with us through this painful time in our lives, and the second step is we have to be willing to deal with the pain.   What does this wound look like?  It can come in the form of several things: an emotional wounding (verbal, physical and it could have been active or passive), a disappointment, a loss of some form or a self-wound where we have hurt ourselves.  Where does the wound come from?   More than likely it comes from someone very close to us, a parent, or other family member and it can come from others as well. Most of the time however it’s from a family member.

At some point in our lives our heart broke in response to something that happened to us. At the moment our heart broke or very shortly after we were hurt we tried to bridge back to the one who hurt us for our needs of love, acceptance, worth/approval and security to be fulfilled.  More often than not the bridge doesn’t get fixed and the wound is set.  Also, more than likely there are several wounds that have occurred that we need to get healing from.

Isaiah 61: 1-3 gives us Jesus’ mission statement and in verse one it says, “He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted…”  Jesus is the one who has to heal our broken hearts, our wounds. So how does He do this and heal our wounds? For me, I had to allow the Lord to take me back to some very dark days of my childhood and show me where I was hurt at.  It’s like stepping into an elevator and allowing the Lord to select the floor, and when we arrive at the floor the doors open.  He grabs our hand and we walk into a certain time of our lives. The Lord shows us where we were wounded at, and tells us the lies we believed about Him, ourselves, then He speaks His truth into the wound…”This is what I have to say about it my child.” This may have to happen several times, or there may be several wounds on “one floor.”  For me there was some wounds I knew about and others I had no idea of…the passive wounds. I spent two years dealing with wounds and still today the Lord will bring something up that I need to get into the elevator with Him on.  We have to allow the Lord to heal us of our wounds and this takes time. When our wounds start to heal our pain starts to go away and we don’t have to turn to our “symptoms” to find temporary relief from our pain.

I will give some examples of my wounds the Lord has healed me of and what this looks like in my next blog.




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