The Wound – Part 3


Freedom is found on the other side of our wounds.  Let me give you some examples of what I have been sharing from the last two blogs on how God brought me to a place of showing me what my wounds were and how He has brought healing to my life.

Remember we have to “get into the elevator” with God and allow Him to take us to those wounds and we have to allow Him to speak into those areas.  What does that look like?  This is all done in prayer. We have to first be still and quiet our hearts.  We need to pray and resist the enemy and invoke the Lord’s presence.  We need to ask God to search our hearts. Confess any known sins that He may reveal to us.  Ask God to speak to you and wait in silence.  Be still and quietly wait before Him.  Write down the impressions He may bring to you.  God will use visual images or thoughts that come to mind through His still small voice. (These Prayer Guidelines are given from the People Resources Team of the Navigators)

During one of my prayer times with the Lord, He brought me back to a time I was in seventh grade and I had mentioned to one of my youth leaders at church that I was struggling, hurting, depressed, and in a lot of pain.  My youth leader did not acknowledge how I was.  (Remember when we receive a wound the enemy will come in a plant a lie about who we are and who God is.) The Lord showed me the lies I came to believe that night were: I came to believe no one cares about me, that I was the only one struggling with this issue, that no one wants to help me, that I cannot share this struggle with anyone else since I didn’t get help the first time when I reached out to someone, that God doesn’t care about me, that God doesn’t care I am hurting or in pain, in order for God to care I have to work “be good, not sin anymore,” God doesn’t love me, and I can go on with the lies I took from this one.  So God shared those lies with me. Next I asked Him to speak into this wound and this is what He had to say: I see you as a innocent child, your are my child, your are clean, I have felt your pain, I am feeling your pain, I hurt with you, I am proud of you, I love you, I am loving you, you don’t have to work for my forgiveness, I have already given it to you fully, I have washed you.

Big difference, and when we start to hear the Lord tell us those things it brings about change.

The Lord has to take us back to our wounds, and more often than not we have to go to them several times.  This is a long process that doesn’t happen over night. I have a journal with just logs of what the wound was, the lies I came to believe and the truth God has spoken into those wounds. Yes, I am broken man, but so thankful for the one who is putting me back together.






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