Feelings Are Not Facts

mixed-emotions2 There are days when we feel sad, there are days when we just don’t feel anything, and then there are the days we just are happy.  Sometimes our feelings come in cycles and sometimes we just feel the same all the time. During my struggled I lived on my feelings.  If I was happy, then I felt loved, accepted, I had hope, however if I was sad or hurting then I believed I was unloved, not acceptable and felt like I had no hope.  My feelings came in cycles but mostly I just had pain.  In life we have to come to a place where we believe the way we feel is not the truth about who we are, it’s not the facts.

What do I mean?  If I feel I am unloved, unacceptable, and unworthy then I will start to act as if I am unloved, unacceptable and unworthy.  If I feel and act as if I am unloved, unacceptable and unworthy then I come to believe I am truly (FACT) unloved, unacceptable and unworthy.   Why is this?  We are allowing our feelings to be bearers of truth for us.

Our feelings are not the facts of who we truly are.  If we have come to Jesus and have given our lives to Him we need to believe (have faith) in the facts of who we are in Him.  In Christ the fact is: I am loved, full accepted, worthy, forgiven, clean, a Child of God, a son of God, a saint, righteous, holy, chosen, salt of the earth, light of the world, a partaker of Christ, and the list goes on and on.  Because of these facts, and us choosing to believe God’s Word (no matter how I feel) we then live our lives differently and our feelings start to change. There is great freedom in this, and the key is we have to truly believe what God’s Words says about us despite how we feel about our self’s.




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