Renewing Your Mind


Peggy backing off of yesterday’s post  Feelings Are Not Facts how do we renew our mind to be able to believe the fact’s of who we truly are in Christ. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” Two key words in this verse are the word conformed and transformed. If we are conforming towards the world we are behaving in ways to be “socially acceptable” by living our lives based on the standards that society has set, to fit in, be accepted, be liked, and to look like everyone else. When we give our lives to Christ, He is asking us to live our lives differently from society. Does that mean we are better than others? No. We are just as broken as those who are not walking with Christ. Let’s look at the word transformed. There is a transformation that takes place in our lives when our minds are being renewed.

Our mind is what houses our emotions and our will (the ability to choose). Every day our mind is receiving messages from others, our circumstances, and our family and friends. These messages determine our emotional response and based on our emotional response we have to make a decision (choose) what to do with our emotions. Most of the time our “choosing” is going to our struggle to relieve the pain. What does this look like? Let’s say a girl is struggling with her body image. Her friends all look a certain way so there is that peer pressure, then society is telling her she has to look a certain way. She is receiving these messages and her mind is not being renewed so her emotions kick in and she feels fat, ugly, depressed, she feels she cannot fit in with her peer group, she doesn’t feel loved, and the list can go on and on. This girl is then going to choose to do something with her emotions and she is going to choose to not eat as much, shes going to work out harder, she going to struggle with an eating disorder or some other kind of issue. If her mind was being renewed with the truth of who she is in Christ, she then would choose to turn to Christ then towards the eating disorder. She turns to Jesus and Jesus reminds her how beautiful, attractive she is inside and out, how she is fully loved and accepted by the King of Kings, she is a princess in His eyes, His precious daughter.

Renewing our mind is not something that happens overnight, but in order for us to move away from our struggles and to move more towards Christ we have to renew our mind. There are some practical things we can do to help with this process. Having daily time with the Lord, in prayer, in reading the Word. Getting involved in a Bible study, listening to others teaching, going to church, reading good sound books on doctrine, theology, learning who we are in Christ. These practical things along with the working of the Holy Spirit will change our thinking about who we are and who God is to us. We will see changes in our lives. I will share some resources in my next blog on good books to read, and people to listen to.


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