Transgender Bathrooms – Parents?


The transgender bathroom issue is becoming a very hot issue as of late. This is something as parents we are going to have to deal with and we need to start dealing with it now. The government wants to make sure transgender students are not discriminated against by allowing them to choose what bathroom, locker room, or shower to go into based on what they identify as their gender. Essentially a male student can go into a girls bathroom, locker room or shower to do their business, and vice versa with a female student because they say they “identify” as a girl or boy. This change will be for students of any age. Parents, we need to be having open conversations with your children about this issue and what to do if they walk in a school bathroom and there is someone in the bathroom of the opposite sex using the bathroom or the school’s shower. You don’t want them to be surprised.

Parents, you must remember you are your child’s protector. The best way you can protect your child is by having an open conversation with them about this issue. It’s not going to go away, but you can talk to your child about it so they have a clear understand of what is happening with transgender identity. You must be the safe place for them to come to be able to talk about this issue and other issues dealing with purity. Listen to them. Ask them what they know about the term transgender. Listening to them will give you a starting point of how to lead ongoing conversations with your child. Do not teach them to judge someone who is dealing with transgender issues. Start by showing them their own brokenness and sinfulness. We need to be teaching our children to love all people and to hate their own sinfulness. Someone who is dealing, struggling with transgender issues is no different than anyone else dealing with any other type of issue. Give your child options. If they should happen to go into a bathroom and there is someone of the opposite sex in there and they don’t feel comfortable give them options on what they can do. Wait outside until that person leaves, find another bathroom, don’t use the shower, etc. Most importantly tell them how to protect themselves. Unfortunately, sexual predators will take advantage of this and will use the bathroom as a place to attack. It only takes a few seconds for sexual abuse to happen. Show your child, no matter what their age is, how to protect themselves.

By having open communication with your child, teenager, young adult, will help them deal with this issue and other issues dealing with purity. The earlier you can start having these conversations with your child the better. There are age appropriate talking points for all ages starting as early as 4 years old. These conversations are going to help protect your child and help them process this transgender issue that is now here to stay.


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