He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

db9c99209ef64f0b7ea4796d724a0763Many believers today are playing the he loves me, he loves me not game with God; hoping the last flower pedal they pull off is he loves me. God had to remind me the other day that His love for me is not based on my actions, how I may feel, or what I can do for Him. God loves me because I am his adopted son, I belong to Him. I love my own son because he is my son, not based on anything he does for me. He is my son, and for that I love him. God is the same way; He loves His children because they are His children. When God looks at his children he sees the righteousness of Christ, and not the sins that we so often look at and focus on. When I start not feeling that God loves me, and I start to listen to the lies of the enemy I then start to try and make God love me. When I start doing this I move from a system of grace to a system based on the law.

The law is based on achieving, let’s say God’s Love by self-effort, based on the performance where the focus is always on me and what I have done or am doing or can do for God. My behavior equals my being. What does this produce? Self-righteousness, bondage, duty, obligation, and lots of pain in the way of defeat, guilt and condemnation. Therefore, I just try harder and work hard to make God love me.

The grace system is based on receiving by faith what God has done for me on the cross. My focus is always on God and what He has done and is doing. This produces faith-righteousness, freedom, victory, security, acceptance and I am able to receive rest, joy, and love in Christ. I have to admit, I so often live by the law, trying to earn God’s love. God loves me because I am his son, and for that He loves me. Believers, we have to know and remind ourselves that we are 100% accepted because we are IN Christ. We have to receive and believe our acceptability and accept ourselves on the same basis that God accepts us. Does God accept me when I sin? Yes, he does. Do you accept yourself when you sin? Why is it that God can forgive and forget our sins, but we cannot let them go of them? I will have to be the first one to put my hand up; I do this all the time. I beat myself up for my sins all the time, sins that God has long forgiven and forgot about. Yes, I am a work in progress and God is moving me through the Sanctification process where He is purifying me from the pollution of sin and renewing my nature in the image of God. Just remember the next time you start to pick the flower pedals, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me!



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