Just Keep Talking, Just Keep Talking



As Dory says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” I say just keep talking to our kids and it will click with them. I’ve been having a hard time engaging my son to sit down with me and read his Bible. He would rather read an adventure book instead of the Bible. A few days ago I pulled out his Bible and said let’s read just a little bit and then we can read one of your books. I took him we would read something from the Psalm and asked him to pick a number 1 through 150. He would give me a number and we would read that Psalm. Well for some reason he thought that was neat so we did that for a few nights. Well, last night I got the Bible out and he started to ask me some questions about some things that were worrying him. I started to answer his questions, and he said let me just ask you questions and you answer them because I like this better instead of reading the Bible. I told him the reason daddy can answer his questions is because I read and study the Bible. I told him I get up early in the mornings to read my Bible and have my quiet time. Well, the next question was, how do you have a quiet time with God? GREAT QUESTION! So what did I do? We had a very short quiet time, and I used 1 Peter 5: 7 as my base verse to have our quiet time. I told my son when I start my quiet time I have some prayer time and just talk to God like we are doing now. Then I read a small portion of Scripture and just think through what it means and how I can apply it to my life.

I read 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” I read the verse a few times to him and asked him what does he think the word casting means. He tried his best to answer it but it wasn’t clicking in his mind yet. So I asked him what he does when we go fishing. The light bulb started to come on. He said I cast the fishing pole. Well, I wanted to take that deeper with him. What do you mean you cast the fishing pole? I had to keep asking him questions but he finally got it, you throw the bait out into the water. That’s right. Casting means we are throwing something. Next, we came to the word anxieties. I asked him what he thought that means. He looked at me and said I hope you knew what it means. I said anxieties is another word for worries. So the Bible is telling us to throw our worries onto Him, I stopped and asked him who is “Him” in this verse. My son got that one pretty easy. God. We kept reading the verse and my son was able to figure out the “he” and we talked about the fact that God cares for us so much we can throw our worries onto Him. I asked my son how do we throw our worries onto him? Well, his brain was turning and he started putting some ideas out there. I told him this is something we can do now, so how do we do it. I told him to think about it and I would be right back and we can talk about it. When I came back into his room he said we can talk to God, that’s how we throw our worries onto Him. BINGO! My son got it. Then he said, we just had a quiet time! Yes, we did! We ended our time by praying and I allowed my son to cast his anxieties onto Him.

This small little talk I had last night was HUGE with my son and the only reason I had it was because I kept talking and I kept talking with him. I know God ultimately has to change my son’s heart, and there is evidence that God is working in his heart, and it’s the little small talks that I am constantly having with him that God is using to change his heart. I cannot change him, only God can but God can use me in the process.

Don’t give up talking to your little ones, or big ones. Keep talking to them about life issues. Keep training them. Remember parenting is a journey that doesn’t stop. Even though there are different phases and seasons of parenting, we are still parents to our children no matter how old they are.




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