Jesus Knows


It’s amazing how often I forget that Jesus does, in fact, know everything about me right down to how I am feeling.  For the last few weeks, I have been feeling very angry, hurt, depressed, frustrated over a certain situation that I have been dealing with and I have not been dealing with it well at all. Yesterday I was reminded that the Lord knows fully well what we are going through and how it makes us feel and He cares about it.  We are His children, He cares how we feel.  In Luke 7: 38-50 – Luke shares the time Jesus was asked by one of the Pharisees (religious leaders) to come and eat at his house.  While Jesus was there a “women of the city, who was a sinner”, came into Simon the Pharisees house. Now this woman more than likely was a prostitute came into Simon’s house and when she saw Jesus she began to weep.  As she was weeping she started to wet Jesus’ feet with her tears and started to wipe His feet with her hair.  She then pours perfume over His feet from the jar of perfume she had brought with her. Simon who had asked Jesus to come over to his house saw this and thought to himself, verse 39, “If this man were a prophet, he would have known who and what sort of woman this is who is touching him for she is a sinner.”  Well, Jesus knew full well who this lady was, He even knew her name and He knew everything about her. This is why Jesus immediately responded back to Simon.  Jesus completely forgives this ladies sins and she walked out of that house a completely different way then she walked in.  What I want to focus on is Jesus knows. Jesus knows our hurts, pains, disappointments,  sins, darkness, brokenness, our history, our struggles, our emptiness.  Not only  does He know our  hurts, pains, disappointments,  sins, darkness, brokenness, our history, our struggles, our emptiness  He feels them.  God is not a God who is disconnected from His children and if we think He is then we listen to the lies of the enemy, and I have to confess, I so often forget that Jesus knows and He can feel my pains.  Now, the fact that He knows and feels our pain doesn’t mean He is going to take it all away.  God doesn’t work like that because so often He uses pain to bring about our healing. God use the hard times to draw us closer to Him.  If everything went well in our lives without any pain we would not need God as much. I am very grateful that God is not a God who is distance and far away, in fact, He knows and feels our pains and He is there to comfort us during our hard times and He is using our hurts, pains, hard times, to bring us closer to Him.

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