Mama Was Angry!


This past weekend I was doing some fishing and as I was walking down the bank I notice two ducks swimming in the water about 30 yards from me. Then I saw the ducklings right at the bank and then they saw me they took off after mom and dad. Even though I was about 15 yards from these little guys mama thought I was too close and she was in the air in a matter of seconds flying right towards me very upset. She kept her distance by stopping right at the edge of the water carrying on. She was flapping her wings and splashing in the water. I continued down the bank and she followed me still carrying on. She followed me for almost 150 yards quacking, splashing and showing no signs of backing down. Even at 150 yards away from her babies I was still a threat. This got me thinking about how aggressive wild animals are when it comes to their young. They will go to any length to protecting their young. Why, because they understand that ever threat is life or death to their young. No, matter how small of a threat it is. This mama duck was not taking any chances with me as she followed me down the bank of the water.

Parents, it’s not easy talking with our children about hard issues like purity, and sex. It’s hard for me to talk to my son and I have the resource and am helping parents talk with their own children about these hard issues. But parents, let’s not be stupid either. What breaks my heart more than anything is when I see a young child that has their own phone, iPad, device, that has full access to the internet with no type of protection set up. It kills me! It’s like handing your child a grenade. They are going to eventually pull out the pin and it’s going to go boom! Parents we have to see the threats and protect our children from the threats or they are going to die. They are going to get a hold of something that is going to mess them up. Porn will destroy a little mind. Check out my blog on Porn will rape the mind:

Or they are going to meet someone online and it’s not going to turn out good. Parent’s think twice about giving your child a device that has full access to the internet. Become the angry mama and protect your children. Unfortunately, my parents did not protect me and I was introduced to the world I didn’t know existed and I fought purity issues for over 20 yeas and my brain is fried. I will share more of this in my next blog. Protect your children, don’t hand them a grenade.



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