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Most of you know my story and how God has redeemed me. Some of you know of my recent struggles with career/ministry/purpose within the last month and a half and even longer than that to be completely honest. This is something I have struggled with for years. Within the last month, God has absolutely broken me again to show me that my focus has been so far off. My purpose in life is to worship Him and Him alone. (Thank you, A.W Tozer, for kicking my tail in with your book The Purpose of Man) With being reminded last week of a dear brother in Argentina that I live in a culture who puts a high value on what success looks like and I have to confess I have allowed our culture to determine what my success looks like. God’s idea of success and what our culture view’s success as is night and day. This past Sunday a friend of mine in his message reminded me again that following Jesus is committing our self’s to go down a narrow path that is wild and crazy were we have to trust that the Lord is going to meet all of our needs. As I have been frantically staring at all the crossroads trying to figure out what in the world I am supposed to do in life God gently turned my head and showed me my purpose. What I looked at was Refuge. To be honest getting Refuge off the ground is hard and I have been measuring the success of Refuge by our culture’s standards. By our culture’s standards and by church culture standards Refuge is a failing ministry. Last night I thought about the ones who God calls to go overseas and works year after year after year with an un-reached people group or as a church planter who is struggling to raise enough support to even stay on the mission field who either see’s no fruit or very little fruit at all. By our culture’s standards and by many church culture standards they’ve had a failing ministry, but not in God’s eyes. In God’s they were successful because they followed their calling and did what the Lord has asked. It is up to God to save and to change lives, not the man on the ground, he or she has to be faithful to the calling. With Refuge by God’s standards, it’s a thriving ministry because it has helped others and is currently helping others. I have to confess I have allowed success of my broken United States culture to effect me in what God has called me to do. What God has called me to do is not easy. I am dealing with a very difficult issue in that I want to bridge the gap between the Church and purity. Because of this I have often doubted my calling or have given up because I am not seeing the success they way I thought I should be seeing it.

The ministry is at a place in order for us to continue to grow we need awareness and support to buy resources.

If you haven’t like our Refuge page please do so:

Please invite your friends to do so.

If you would like to give financial, All gifts go directly to pay for resources we give to those who go through the Refuge discipleship material, for those who want to be trained in the Refuge Leadership material, and for our resources that we give to parents. We also tithe every gift we receive. To give online you can click on the below link:

If you would like to send a gift by check please make the check out to BPC (Blythewood Presbyterian Church) and in the notes section write “Refuge.”

Checks can be sent to:

PO Box 789
Blythewood, SC 29016

Refuge is an independent ministry apart from BPC. BPC provides the financial accountability for Refuge.

Check out our website:


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