Do you know the parents of your kids friends?


I’ve had the privilege of working next to my wife close to 16 years as she has lead children’s ministry. I used to be shocked when a child would tell me about a video game they are playing or about a movie they just saw or about the new tech device they just got. The reason I would get shocked was because the video game, movie, etc. was stuff that had adult content in it. These days I don’t get shocked anymore, it’s just the norm. A lot of parents are OK with allowing their children to watch things that have adult content in it or allow their children to have unlimited access to the internet and that is their call and I have no right to judge them. However, as a parent who is working to protect my child and train my child I do have the right to tell my child, “buddy, your not allowed to go over to your friend’s house.” Now, why would I tell my child that? Because I have gotten to know the parents of my child’s friends. I was first exposed to pornography at age 11 at a friends house when I stayed the night. It was the first time I was able to spend the night at my friend’s house and I was introduced to a world I did not know was out there. My friend’s parents didn’t care what we were watching, so from that point on when I went over to my friend’s house, watching porn was on the list of stuff to do.

Parents, you are your child’s protector and yes your child is going to get upset at you for telling them hard things. Like they cannot play this game, watch that movie, or be able to go to Johnny’s house. Check out a blog I posted by Randy Alcorn a few weeks ago that address protecting your child is more important than getting their approval.

Parents, get to know the parents of your friends. If you know they don’t seem to care what their child does, then you may want to encourage your child to invite their friends over to your house. A friend of mine when his kids were young created a special room in his house for his kid’s friends to come over and hang out. As his kids got older the room changed to adapt to the age of the kids. My buddy had kids, teenagers, middle school kids, high school kids, coming and going out of his house all the time. He created an environment where his kids wanted to be at their house with their friends and he knew his kids were safe. He would have kids at his house for hours and hours with lots of sleepovers at his house.

Our kids are going to be exposed to things of the world and I cannot stop that. I can, however, try to limit that exposure to their older when I have had a chance to train and help my child understand things better. I want to be the one talking about issues, I don’t want him to be finding out about things from his friends. In order for me to do that, I have to be talking with him on a regular basis about these issues.

Get to know the parents of your kid’s friends, get to know them well. It’s how your protect your kids.



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