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Where is your happiness?



R.C Sproul makes the statement in his book Unseen Realities, “We get confused between happiness and pleasure. Sin brings pleasure, but never happiness. We haven’t learned that yet; we won’t learn it until we find our only happiness in God and in the things of God when we enter into the heavenly state. In the meantime, we’re subject to these seductive advances by satan, who makes sin look good to us, with the promise of pleasure.” Is your happiness fully in the Lord? More than likely it’s not. If I had to guess there is something in your life you are mad at, upset at and angry at God for. I’ve had things in my life that I just hated God for, things that have happened to me, things He allowed, and prayers I didn’t see Him answering. I once made a four-page list of all the things I was angry at God for. God doesn’t get mad or upset at us, if we are angry at Him, He welcomes that. God had to walk me through that four-page list and He helped me deal with each thing on the list. The more I have come to understand who He is and His grace the more I see how much He loves me, and truly cares for me. I am His child, and there have been so many areas in my life He has had to heal and there are still things in my life we are working on. There comes a point in our lives where we have to choose to either run hard towards God or just continue to listen to the lies of the enemy and just be mad and upset at God. When we stay upset and angry at God, sin will have its way with us. Go hard after God. The last few weeks I’ve been really studying some very deep truths on who God is, and my brain just cannot fully understand theses’ truths. I believe them, but to truly comprehend them is rocking my world. The one thing that has been coming out of my study time is a deeper love of God and a thirst for more of Him. For me, this has turn into happiness. When our joy and happiness is in God, sin tends to not taste so good anymore. If your upset at God take it to Him and let Him know how you are feeling, it won’t be a shock to Him, since He already knows what you are thinking. Let God bring healing to those areas of your life that you need to have healed. When your happiness and joy is in God, sin tends to have a different look.


Give the “Talk” and keep talking!



In today’s society the ability to access pornography is so easy. With cell phones and the internet pornography can be accessed anywhere. Children are being exposed younger and younger to the more extreme hard-core images and videos of pornography. If this exposer goes unchecked children are developing porn addictions at earlier ages and this is carrying over into their high school and college years. Untreated this addiction is brought into the marriage secretly and over time the marriage and now new family is destroyed.

Pornography rapes the mind; the human brain was not designed to handle the major dose of chemicals the brain unleashes when one is viewing porn. Studies have shown there is damage done to the brain and brain’s chemistry is altered when one is exposed to pornography. An addiction to pornography is chemically identical to a heroin addiction.

What are you doing to teach your children about…

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The Church as the Bride of Christ



Jesus is longing for a pure and whole Bride who has made herself ready for Him. Who is the

Bride of Christ? We are – the worldwide church. Are we making ourselves ready for our

Bridegroom? Will we be found ready and waiting when our Bridegroom returns? (Mt 25:1-13)

Are we – the Bride – crying out with the Spirit, “Come!” ….(Rev 22:17)

Is that the cry of your heart? Or would you be more likely to stay where you are if you knew

Jesus was in the next room….what makes you hesitate to enter into His glorious presence full of

light…to run to Him….can you be truly honest with yourself?

Is it not the sin hidden in our hearts and lives….the things we’d rather not disclose to

anyone….we rather keep our secret sins hidden and in the closet….it seems so much safer in

the dark as oppose to exposing…

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