The Church as the Bride of Christ



Jesus is longing for a pure and whole Bride who has made herself ready for Him. Who is the

Bride of Christ? We are – the worldwide church. Are we making ourselves ready for our

Bridegroom? Will we be found ready and waiting when our Bridegroom returns? (Mt 25:1-13)

Are we – the Bride – crying out with the Spirit, “Come!” ….(Rev 22:17)

Is that the cry of your heart? Or would you be more likely to stay where you are if you knew

Jesus was in the next room….what makes you hesitate to enter into His glorious presence full of

light…to run to Him….can you be truly honest with yourself?

Is it not the sin hidden in our hearts and lives….the things we’d rather not disclose to

anyone….we rather keep our secret sins hidden and in the closet….it seems so much safer in

the dark as oppose to exposing…

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  1. I love Jesus and long to be in that number so much


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