The Gift of Sex in Marriage – Parenting #3


Do we as a married couple or single parent have a healthy view of God’s gift of sex to be able to teach our children about the gift of sex in a marriage relationship?  When it comes to relationships many believe sex is the most important thing in the relationship. Due to this thinking people have a distorted view of the gift of sex and this leads to sin issues and struggles.  If we look in the Old Testament, sex immorality was the 2nd most serious issue the Israelites dealt with next to idolatry and sex is a form of idolatry.  In the New Testament, sex immorality was considered the number one issue the Church was/is dealing with in my opinion.  Paul address this issue in his letters to the churches of the NT.  In the book of Revelation Jesus address the churches to avoid sexual immorality.  Marriage is very important to the Lord.  The Bible starts off with a wedding feast (Adam and Eve) in the middle is a intimate love song (Song of Songs) Christ’s first miracle is at a wedding and the Bible ends with a wedding feast (Christ returning for His bride).  What is the purpose of marriage?  The purpose to marriage is holiness brought about from wholeness, procreation and a demonstration of love.  Also, God has designed marriage to between a man and a woman.  This is very clear in Scripture.  Over the next three blogs we will look at wholeness, procreation, and a demonstration of love individually.


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