The Gift of Sex in Marriage – Demonstration of Love – Parenting #6


We have been talking about the holiness in marriage and how holiness is the main goal when it comes to marriage.  As a married couple we have to have a understanding of how sex fits into the confines of marriage.  We dealt with that in our last talk.

Now we are going to look at the last aspect, a demonstration of love.  Marriage is to be used to show us the relationship God wants to have with His people. (Eph. 5:22-23)  God is love and from His overflow of love from the Trinity came the creation of man with the same pattern. To love and to be loved.  This divine model comes from the relationship of the Trinity. (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit)  Before God said, “Let there be light,” God has been completely satisfied with Himself, the Trinity.  God didn’t need to create anything to satisfy Himself, He was perfect content.  That will rock your world if you really think about that.  This part of the Trinity, the unity, has been rolled into the marriage relationship.  The husband and wife have to be unified in oneness of everything (Heart, Mind, Body, Commitment).  Out of this oneness, this unity, the out pouring of love we have for our spouses, we have the freedom to love others and to show others the love of the Father as God has loved us.

These three aspects of marriage, Wholeness, Sex and, the Demonstration of Love lead us to Holiness.  As parents we need to have a working understanding of marriage and the role sex plays in marriage so we can effectively communicate this to our children.  Our children need to know and understand what marriage is about so they can make healthly choices when it comes to dating, and sex in relationships.  Sex is a beautiful gift God has given to us for marriage with our spouses.  Our children need to understand porn destroys the gift of sex.  If we are not teaching our children and they come across porn then they think this is what sex is in marriage and it’s not.

Next we will be looking at our role as parents and how to train our children in the area of the internet and pornography and how to talked to them as early as age 2.


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