How To Protect Your Children From Pornography – The Question – Parenting #9

nm-talking-to-your-child-about-cancer-featureWhen it comes to interacting with our children and talking with them about purity we have to create an environment of openness where we can speaking to our children about sex, marriage, pornography, etc.  We are going to speak to them on their level and use age appropriate talking points.  We will dive into age appropriate talking points later in our talks.  So how do we create an environment to be able to start speaking to our children? We have to find times and spaces were they feel comfortable talking.  You cannot force this, it’s something that comes naturally.  When we start looking at age appropriate talking points you will see where some training can be done while your helping your little one take a bath or shower.   Once my son moved out of this area I would use our time before bed time to connect and share.  I would also use our morning breakfast times where he and I would go out and grab breakfast and chat.  Since I have been able to create this environment of openness my son and I can start talking about deep issues any where and at anytime.  As we are creating an this environment of openness questions play a huge part in this.  So when it comes to talking about marriage, sex, porn you have to remember there is no question that is off limits. Remember, everything will be age appropriate for your child and it will be on their level and it needs to be in the context of marriage.  My son is 10 and we have already started to talk with him about marriage, sex, homosexuality, transgenderism and other things. He is already starting to see these things and we are talking to him about these things on a level that he can understand.  These are not in depth talks because he would not be able to handle that, they are talks that are appropriate for his age.  Most the time our talks last about 10 min because he is on to the next thing.  As there is no question that is off limits asking questions is a two way street.  You have the right to ask your child any question concerning sex, porn, etc, but they also have the right to ask you any question regarding these issues as well.  That is what you want.  One of the best conversations I had with my son was one that he asked me a question regarding a picture he saw out side of a popular retail store.  We want our children coming to us asking us the questions.  When your child asks you a question don’t freak out when they ask you something, don’t be shocked no matter what the question is or how they ask it.  Thank them for coming to you to ask their question.  If we freak out they will never come to you again to ask you a question.  If you don’t know how to answer them tell them you will get back to them, and go find the answer and give it to them.  One of the ways parents fail is they don’t ask their children enough questions. We also don’t want to embarrass them so we have to ask questions in love.  It helps to start this process as young as you can.  How young? Age 2. Once again we will look at this in our next talk.  Parents, we have to remember we are our children’s protectors. Asking questions gets the ball rolling and your kids will start coming to you when they want to know something and the earlier you start this process this conversation becomes a natural conversion to them. Question’s get the conversation going and this conversation is not a one time conversation but an on going conversation.  In our next talk we will start to talk about age appropriate talking points.

Let me know what you think about our Parenting series so far.  Leave a comment below.


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