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How To Protect Your Children From Pornography – Appropriate Talking Points – Parenting #10

conversation-father-and-sonOnce we have created an environment of openness what is appropriate to talk about?  As parents we always have to be looking for teachable moments when we can share with our kids.  Remember the earlier you can start talking to your children about these subjects the easier it becomes and it becomes a natural conversation to them.  Children are being exposed at a earlier and earlier age to pornography. If your child is 5 and you haven’t started these talks yet your behind the 8 ball.  Studies show the average age a child is exposed is age 9.  Talk often.  This is not a one time conversation, you have to remind them over and over what God has to say about sex and marriage.  Talk openly. Encourage them to ask questions regarding sex and marriage.  Talk personally. Be alert to their curiosity about the opposite sex and take advantage of specific situations to teach them.  Talk positively. Your attitude will demonstrate whether you are ashamed to about sexuality or whether you see it as a God given gift that should be guarded.  Talk practically. Don’t pretend purity isn’t a struggle. Talk about sexual thoughts and desires and how to deal with them. Talk soberly.  Sex and sexual desire is a powerful connection between two people (male and female) that should be taken very seriously.  Talk to their heart. Purity is more than abstinence. It’s about their thoughts, motives and desires.  They are created in the image of God. Pound into them who they are in Christ.  Now their age depends on the level of talk and what is talked about, however something can be talked about at all ages, and we will go over this in our next talk. 

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